First and last pic of Ellen and Sandra from season 10


Helen McCrory & Kevin McKidd in “Anna Karenina”, 2000


@SarahDrewGreys Noooo! You can’t go!!!!


Ending the episode we get this, which in terms of ways to end an episode is pretty great.


Back to my remaining Rome screencaps.

They’re pretty sweet at this point in the plot. It’s a shame they didn’t get more time together like this between everything that happens in this series.


I always do too many screencaps of their scenes as I enjoy them. The part of this one I enjoy the most is Antony’s fake disdainful ignoring of Vorenus. I’m pretty sure that he actually wanted to give him the job but wouldn’t let him have it too easily as he was still annoyed with him. If Antony had been allowed to go after Pompey like he wanted to then I doubt anyone else would have allowed Vorenus to come back. I think he does still have a fair bit of respect for Vorenus as a soldier and understands the value of his loyalty, however begrudging it is.


Sometimes I just end up studying Kevin McKidd’s face for some reason. There’s something interesting about it somehow, I don’t know how to explain it.

Anyway, in this episode I think his plot shows in some ways how naive Vorenus actually is. He’s so principled that he seems to expect other people to be if not the same then at least a bit more transparent than they are.


Vorenus’ life continues to get worse. It does seem like the world’s conspiring against him just to try and get him the point he’s at at the beginning of the second series.

This moment…

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