Happy 41st Birthday, Kevin McKidd!! (August 9th 1973)


Happy 41st birthday, Kevin McKidd [August 9, 1973]


Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo (Rome) - Season 2 Part 4

They (Cristina and Owen) haven’t actually been in direct communication this season (x)


Religious Tolerance in Kingdom of Heaven [ 1 / ? ] 


Lucius Vorenus (Rome) - Season 2 Part 3


Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo (Rome) - Season 2 Part 3


A blog posted a gif I made.  I asked them for a credit. When they did not respond, I had tumblr delete their post, (Note: I have gone back and forth with this person before..about the same gif, actually…) Here is their response after I told them I had their post deleted:

Why does it matter so much? I said to you I don’t understand the whole “giving credit” think but you don’t seem to understand that. It’s my blog anyways. I’m not out there to get followers I’m just posting things that I enjoy on a themed blog. I didn’t know it was such a crime to post things that I enjoy, I know I do it on my unthemed blog…

My response:

It matters to me because I put time and effort into the gifs I make. It takes hours to edit the clips and experiment with colors and effects to get gifs to look just right & also to meet tumblr’s size requirements. It takes time and fine-tuning. It is not easy. I honestly don’t understand why you don’t understand why I want credit for something spent time and care in creating. Giving someone credit shows that you appreciate the work they did and it allows others to find other things they might like. For example, I love Cristina and Owen. I have tons of stuff I made about them on my blog. People who like a gif I made might want to see other things about them. 

As I said last time this happened: I totally understand that people download things they like and forget where they got it. I totally get that and I don’t hold it against them at all. It happens on Tumblr all the time. However, if somebody sees that another user posted something they made and they request credit, it shouldn’t be a big deal to give it to them and it ususally isn’t. Back when I first joined tumblr, people would ignore requests for credits or reply with rude comments, but in recent years, most people are happy to do it. You are the first person I’ve contacted in a long time who has had a problem and not understood this. That is why this was the first time I have asked tumblr to delete a post. Tumblr put this policy in place because they know that people put work into the things they make and should get credit if asked.

I’m not trying to be mean. The last time this happened, I offered to teach you how to edit a post to give credit and you said you would rather just delete it. When you did not reply this time, I assumed you were ignoring me.

It is not difficult to give a credit. A lot of people don’t bother asking- it could be because they don’t think it will do any good, or maybe they don’t care. At the end of the day, yes, you should definitley post things that you enjoy, but if someone asks you for a credit, just give it to them. It is not difficult and it will encourage them to make more things that you might like.

I hope this helps. I’m still willing to help you figure out how to give credit. If you prefer not to learn, I can have tumblr delete anything of mine you post.


Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus (Rome) - Season 2 Part 2

Trainspotting (1996), Danny Boyle


Kevin McKidd & James Purefoy in ”Bedrooms and Hallways” 1998 (UK)

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