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Killer No. 2, Bunraku (2010)

And this, kids, is how you wear a trilby well. This guy’s the penultimate badass (hence the No. 2, or he’d be the ultimate one), which is shown in the very first scene of the movie: A dance number in which he takes out 20 men of a rival gang all on his own. And he doesn’t even unsheathe his nifty sword cane for most of it.

Also, there just seems to be something about slightly creepy, weirdly cool evil bastards and red formal wear - remember this guy?


Loved this movie and loved the cast. Some of my fav actors and just fav people. What I wouldn’t have done to be at that after party. Watch it! 


 *throws dozens of roses at the screen* This is freaking fantastic! whoever made this video let me give you the biggest internet hug ever!

I know... i know... voldy is creepy, but he's the only hugging gif I have.


“Bunraku” is a fantastic movie with gorgeous sets and costuming and fantastic characters and actors, unfortunately I have only ever met one other person who has seen it, I strongly encourage everyone to see this movie.

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